Our Savior's Lutheran Church, 50th Anniversary, 1969-2019

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The history of how Our Savior's was born is interesting. Take a look...

History of Our Savior's

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Worship Services--Sunday, 9 AM; Wednesday, 6 PM Pastor Carol Braun

68160 South George Street, Iron River, Wisconsin 54847 715/372-8728


In 1968, Dr. Mattson, LCA Bishop, suggested the congregation might be ready for organizing by January of 1969. They would need 70 adult members and a $3,000 budget.

In 1969, members met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Callahan with Pastor Robert Wilch (Assistant to Dr. Mattson) to work out the details to join the Wisconsin-Upper Michigan Synod of the LCA. Shortly afterward, they met with Pastor Stewart to plan the details of the Special Service of Organization for Our Savior’s Lutheran Church.

June 19, 2019, Our Savior's Lutheran Church hosted a community dinner to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of their formation. As part of the worship service following the dinner, Pastor Paul Oman created the glorious mural shown above.

The mural illustrates the motto that has guided this congregation for the past half century, "God's work: Our hands."

"There is no reason why you good people can't build it. But remember, a church is useless without an active congregation." Jerome Miller, Pastor 1976-1985
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